by Chris Savage
from Signs of the Times No. 67 - Oct 2017

Veterans of Modern Church Conferences will remember that John Saxbee when President of Modern Church invited Bishop Geoffrey Rowell as one of the speakers.

John made a great play about his theology being different from Geoffrey’s, and so at the outset we were left wondering what kind of confrontation might develop.

by David Driscoll

from Signs of the Times No. 67 - Oct 2017

Most of us appreciate the benefits of having the Church’s seasons as a framework for liturgical worship, so it is good to have this collection of essays to reinforce that experience for us. What is unusual about this collection is that all the essays are all written by bishops – three of them women.

Mark Oakley was a wise choice to edit the book. He is Canon Chancellor at St Paul’s Cathedral and a good friend of Modern Church.

by T Derrick Witherington

from Signs of the Times No. 67 - Oct 2017

For educators, it can be a big challenge to provide their students with a textbook about Christianity which is thorough, balanced, and capable of exciting imaginations. In many ways, Michael Molloy’s The Christian Experience: An Introduction to Christianity would accomplish this.

Its twelve chapters, while providing a comprehensive historical introduction to Christianity, accomplish this through an approach which is both narrative and imaginative.

by Janette Jolly

from Signs of the Times No. 67 - Oct 2017

One of a set of five publications comprising the Church at Worship series (USA 2017) exploring the history of Christian worship, this volume centres on the context and ongoing impact of the worshiping community of the Anaheim Vineyard fellowship (1977-1983).

Clearly and thoughtfully structured, the book opens by locating the wider context of the case under scrutiny within the tumultuous second half of the twentieth Century in the US and its liturgical landscape, going on to summarize the significant aspects of Vineyard worship, along with necessary cautions for its study.

Editorial by Steven Shakespeare
from Modern Believing Vol 58:3 - July 2017

In the week before writing this editorial, Article 50 was triggered in the UK, initiating the start of its withdrawal from the EU

At the same time, Reker Ahmed, a young Kurdish asylum seeker, was viciously beaten by a gang in Croydon, leaving him in a critical condition. Commenting on the event, the head of a fostering agency which works with many young asylum seekers, said ‘We have made several reports to the police of hate crimes. We think it is rising. It is entirely linked to the environment that has been created by the public discourse about people coming to this country from overseas’ (The Guardian, Monday 3rd April 2017).