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Acts of the Imagination pt 3 - The leap to the heart

I recently had the interesting experience of watching Mission Impossible: Fallout and Mamma Mia! 2 on consecutive evenings.

The first paints a dark picture of the violence, danger and injustice in the world; the second warms the heart. While the fight against the darkness of this world must never end, we also need to remember that the fight for justice is also a matter of the heart.

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Boris Corbyn’s anti-them-ism

Antisemitism with Jeremy Corbyn, anti-Islamism with Boris Johnson: how do they compare?

This post is not about the issues themselves but about the way they are being publicly debated and what this tells us about our declining public ethics.

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New directions for the Church 10: Offer hope

This is the last in my series of posts on new directions for the Church. After this, instead of telling it what it should be saying, I hope to focus on saying it myself.

This is a plea for the Church to offer a positive message of hope.

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New directions for the Church 9: Break down the barriers

This post continues my series on possible futures for the Church. Here I argue that we need to break down barriers.

Church culture today loves its barriers. It loves to emphasise what makes Christianity different from other faith traditions, or what makes one’s own denomination different from others, or one’s own church different from the one across the road. We need to break them down.

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