MC ST cover 2017Signs of the Times is the quarterly newsletter of Modern Church, published in January, April, July and October.

Editor: Anthony Woollard

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It provides news and information about Modern Church and offers members an opportunity to communicate with each other in print.

We welcome articles, notices, poems, suggestions, comments and suitable accompanying graphics.

The articles we publish do not necessarily reflect a Modern Church perspective - in keeping  with our commitment to liberal theology we believe that different views should be heard.

Send material to the editor by 8th December, 8th March, 8th June or 8th September. Articles should not normally exceed 1,000 words.
We prefer email but will process typed or handwritten text.

Copies can be provided for distribution in churches and elsewhere - contact the Modern Church office for details.

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In the latest edition:

No. 67 - October 2017

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Editorial: Happy New Year?
Anthony Woollard
Much-needed theological tonic
Helen Burnett
The Trinity – a gentle commendation
Adrian Thatcher
Christology in a world of many faiths
Robert Reiss
Inspiring further reading
David Storey
My vision for Modern Church
Jonathan Draper
Leadership and vision
Brenda Watson
Remembering Bishop Geoffrey Rowell
Chris Savage
Review - A Good Year ed. Mark Oakley
David Driscoll
Review: The Christian Experience: An Introduction to Christianity by Michael Molloy
T Derrick Witherington
Review: Worshiping with The Anaheim Vineyard by Andy Park, Lester Ruth and Cindy Rethmeier
Janette Jolly