Editorial by Anthony Woollard
from Signs of the Times No. 64 - Jan 2017

Our last edition went to press just as we heard of the death of someone who, though not active in Modern Church, had a truly significant impact on us and on the whole Church.

I refer, of course, to David Jenkins.

Paul Brett reports on a recent conference seeking to reconnect today’s church with today’s world
from Signs of the Times No. 64 - Jan 2017

Aware that October 2017 sees the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, a group of Modern Church members arranged a day conference in Bath to begin to explore the current state of the churches and to seek ways forward. We called it ‘Do we need a new Reformation?’

On Saturday 15th October those present were confronted with a hard-hitting keynote address from Lorraine Cavanagh, writer and former university

by David James
from Signs of the Times No. 64 - Jan 2017

At the John Robinson Commemoration Day in Bristol in September 2013, we were reminded that Honest to God was rooted in Robinson’s ministry at St. Saviour’s and St Matthew's Moorfield, a severely deprived part of Bristol.

Some local people who came could remember Robinson and appreciated his ability to communicate faith in ways they could understand. Robinson became celebrated not only as an academic, but as pastor and teacher.

by David Driscoll
from Signs of the Times No. 64 - Jan 2017

This article is based on a short talk I gave at the ‘Do we need a new Reformation’ day conference. The talk introduced the afternoon session by setting the task for breakout groups immediately afterwards.

First, we responded to Lorraine Cavanagh’s presentation which kicked off the conference, ‘Reclaiming the Church – a view from the edge’.

by Chris Savage
from Signs of the Times No. 64 - Jan 2017

I have been a Modern Church member since 1994 and have attended several annual conferences.

I retired to Wiltshire four years ago and I am glad to take on this post of Book Reviews Editor.