The wrath of God

Till on that Cross, as Jesus died,
The wrath of God was satisfied.

These words from Stuart Townend’s hymn In Christ Alone have recently caused almost as much controversy in some church circles as the women bishops debate.

The Presbyterians in the USA have rejected the whole hymn from their new hymnbook. Elsewhere, in many churches including my own (and even in some evangelical circles), some words such as “the love of God was magnified” are substituted, even though the author objects. Why all this wrath about wrath? And where do Christian liberals stand?

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Sacrifices then and now

In the ancient Sumerian city of Uruk, archaeologists have found a tablet dating from the 3rd century BCE, listing the food to be given to the gods at the temple there.

These gods were wooden statues. Unlike Egyptian statues which were made of stone, Mesopotamian temple gods were wooden. They needed to be; they liked holidays so they sometimes needed to be transported from place to place.

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