Fracking is the wrong way

Think of going the wrong way up a one way street and multiply the feeling by a hundred for the moment you realise you are approaching a dual carriageway on the wrong slip road. See the ‘wrong way’ sign and feel the fear.

Now think fracking. Fracking the earth for shale gas is the ‘wrong way’. The implications of fracking for the future of the planet are as frightening as approaching a motorway on the wrong slip road, without the time or the means of turning back.

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Nigerian legislation against gay people

A few weeks ago the Government of Nigeria passed legislation forbidding same-sex relationships. This post asks how British and American Anglicans should respond.

The main provisions of the legislation are:
Up to 14 years’ imprisonment for people in same-sex relationships;
Up to 10 years for anyone who ‘directly or indirectly’ shows same-sex affection in public; and
Up to 10 years for anyone who participates in an organisation that works to protect gay rights.

Critical responses include a petition and an article by Savitri Hensman.

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Don’t treat the Bible as a science text book

Last night I debated evolution with Nick Cowan at St Bride's Church, Liverpool. Nick brought some supporters with him. It was a courteous, well-mannered event; if anyone was guilty of getting wound up it was me, but I think I was relatively civilised.

By the end I felt that the anti-evolution position was, as I feared, all about the Bible, not the scientific evidence. The anti-evolutionists claimed the scientific evidence was against evolution, and explained how; but when their scientific position was challenged they were quick to revert to the Bible.

Nick believes Archbishop Ussher was right: God created the world in six days in 4004 BC, complete with all forms of life. Any doubting of this is to doubt God’s Word in the Bible. I have come across this approach a number of times, especially in Liverpool, and the common theme seems to be an appeal to science.

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