Baptism and evil

The Church of England’s liturgical commission has produced new wording for Baptism services. Alternative words are offered for parts of the service which some clergy complained were incomprehensible to parents and godparents in areas of multiple deprivation.

As I don’t do baptisms in my retirement it isn’t personally important to me, but I thought the baptism service in the Alternative Service Book was awful and the one in Common Worship worse.

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The Church, politics and food banks

The debate over food banks seems to be turning into one of those ‘religion and politics’ issues. A bit like Faith in the City nearly 30 years ago, opposition to government policies has been better expressed by church leaders, like the Bishop of Warrington with his excellent Christmas message, than by other political parties.

There is a long article in today’s Church Times, reporting that over 350,000 people were given food parcels in the run-up to Christmas Day. This is a tripling of demand.

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