Light in darkness

At Christmas time we think about the birth of Jesus Christ and the impact his life had and continues to have today.

Whether you believe he was mortal or immortal it is undeniable that his teachings and leadership on peace, love, compassion and his fight for those who came last in society are things that we admire and so have celebrated ever since. We now see his message as a shining light in the darkness but at the time he was persecuted.

Maybe this Christmas we should think not just about celebrating Jesus Christ but celebrating his message where we see it around us today. Let’s not just look back because today we also have people who have spoken to our hearts and gathered a great following, who are willing to put their neck on the line and fight for peace not war, who fight for equality and speak out for the poorest and most in need and who fight against the persecution of many as they are labelled scroungers on the state.

Today people like this are still persecuted themselves and called things like ‘unrealistic and not economically viable’, ‘a threat to national security’, ‘terrorist sympathizers’. But they carry on fighting for a better life for all.

Maybe in today’s world saving us from our sins means literally saving us from our own destructive behaviour such as destroying our environment so it in turn destroys us or destroying each other with bombs and guns.

Maybe this year we need to look ahead and put a little of our faith in people like Natalie Bennett and Jeremy Corbyn and so many others who are listening to us and standing up for the things that we value.