Marcus Borg

Yesterday we lost a great man. I think it was around 1989 that a friend drew attention to a book 'Jesus: a New Vision' by Marcus Borg.

Since then I have read most of his books and found him to be a key influence in my life. Books like 'The God We Never Knew', 'Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time' and 'The Heart of Christianity' have meant so much to me.

But not only his books; Marcus was a deeply spiritual man - a mystic I think it is fair to say. Not simply a scholar but a man who loved God and was able to communicate a fresh vision for what that means in the 21st century. A follower of Jesus as a risen living Presence but one who made him accessible to those who find traditional religious belief too rigid and constricting. I had the privilege of attending some of his meetings and I forever grateful for his contribution to my life.

Thank you Marcus Borg and I trust you have entered into that Presence in the fullest possible way within and beyond the confines of space and time.