What’s the point of children?

Teaching philosophy to primary school children can improve their English and maths skills, according to a pilot study highlighting the value of training pupils to have inquiring minds.

So writes Sarah Cassidy in The Independent. Apparently,

Children from deprived backgrounds benefited the most from philosophical debates about topics such as truth, fairness and knowledge.

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How to debate religion properly

Originally appeared in the Times Literary Supplement April 17th 2015 - republished with permission

Many philosophers, both theists and atheists, bemoan the low standard of the contemporary debate on the tenability or otherwise of religion.

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God?! What is that?

‘Seeking The Sacred’ was the title of last week’s annual conference of Modern Church together with the World Congress of Faiths.

We heard speakers from a wide range of different faith traditions, and in some cases representatives of different traditions in dialogue with each other.

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Bishop shares ‘absolute welcome’ with LGBT Christians

A CHRISTIAN community which warmly welcomes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people, their friends and family, celebrated its seventh anniversary on Sunday 19th July, led by the Bishop of Liverpool.

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Churches and death: can others do it better?

Here’s confirmation of one of the points Professor Linda Woodhead made in the talk she gave at St Brides Liverpool on Monday: What’s wrong with the Church of England, and can anything be done?’

Linda said other agencies are taking over some of the Church’s traditional roles, like funerals and weddings. In some cases the people concerned positively want a non-religious occasion. In others the reason is simply that specialist agencies provide a different kind of ceremony, better adapted to individual requirements. Church of England clergy perform weddings and funerals but they do lots of other things as well, so they cannot develop the expertise of specialists.

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