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As I write the parliament of the world’s religions is taking place in Salt Lake City (October 15-19 2015).

It is more than 120 years since the groundbreaking inaugural conference in 1893.  As a Christian interfaith minister it thrills me to be aware of this gathering with more than 80 nations and their cultures and 50 religions represented.

One of the greatest discoveries of the modern era has been the awareness of the world’s spiritual traditions with their diverse outer characteristics but the sharing of common experiences and dreams at their heart. The Parliament is the largest gathering that brings together these sacred traditions and promotes understanding, deep sharing in the context of a passion form the earth and its species and peoples.

Some of the themes explored at the conference include:
  • Faith in Women: Dignity and Human Rights
  • Listening to the Voices of Emerging Leaders
  • Income Inequality: Consuming Less, Sharing More
  • Confronting War, Violence & Hate with Love and Compassion
  • Climate Change: Protecting the only Earth We Have
  • Solidarity with Indigenous Communities
Speakers include: Karen Armstrong, Jim Wallis, Brian D MClaren, Tariq Ramadan, Michael Beckwith, Allan Boesak, the Dalai Lama and many more.

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UPDATE 19/10/15: Video of the event is available to view online here.