What would Meister Eckhart make of us today?

There was an excellent talk on Meister Eckhart at St Brides Liverpool this morning. The talk was given by Dr Duane Williams of Liverpool Hope University. We had time to ask questions, and after the service we carried on talking about it as long as we could – until the Annual Meeting took over.

I went home puzzling over what it has to say about modern attitudes to possessions and wealth.

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The King James Bible & The Shakespeare First Folio

There are only 274 surviving copies of Shakespeare’s First Folio from the original print run of 750 copies in 1623.

It is no surprise then, that when a Shakespeare First Folio comes up for auction, it is such a rarity it generates heightened enthusiasm and expectation.

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Read the Bible in the way you read Shakespeare – Rowan Williams on the Bard

Rowan Williams is perhaps best known as the former Archbishop of Canterbury, who sat astride a fault-line in the Anglican Communion, which the Anglican Covenant failed to mend.

Yet there is another Rowan - the poet, the critic, the visionary, who sees deeper than most of us into the presence of the Gospel in the arts. We may pray that it is this, and not the politics of the Communion, which will be his lasting legacy to the Church.

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Thou smilest and art still - What can Christians learn from Shakespeare's anniversary?

Well, here it is. The 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

It is quite clear, from the attention already being paid to the occasion, that if we thought the 450th anniversary of his birth in 2014 was big, we have seen nothing yet. So how should we Christians react?

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Preparing to configure

Robotics are the next big thing. According to Bill Gates, they will allow us to access all sorts of aids to living, or apps, which we barely dream of.

The trouble starts when the apps become indispensible and then go wrong, as we learn when people’s computers are held to ransom by fraudulent individuals who appear to be operating beyond the reaches of the law for much of the time.

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