Yesterday, I was told a piece of good news, about a sudden and unexpected family reconciliation. It stayed with me all day. Later, I watched the early evening news and then an excellent film, The Lady in the Van – Maggi Smith at her best.

The film was about goodness, as was my friend’s story. Both were good news in the fullest sense. They held, or contained, the events of the day. They held them together.

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Time for death

I have just witnessed a funeral as it should be: very different, I am sorry to say, from most funerals I conducted when I was still in post.

A family member in his early 60s was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died a month later. He was Congolese. His coffin, pictured here, was made of banana leaves.

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As a Christian I'm a citizen of the world

Prime Minister Theresa May’s statement reverberated around the UK:

If you’re a citizen of the world, you’re a citizen of nowhere.

My guess is that this vicar’s daughter is totally unaware of the role Christianity played in getting people to think of themselves as citizens of the world.

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Faith schools and school faith

Linda Woodhead’s recent article The government’s changes to faith schools sides with hardline religion draws attention to the fact that public attitudes to religion favour dogmatic extremists at the expense of more liberal and accommodating faith traditions.

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