Becoming a community of communities - Interfaith Week

Interfaith Week (12-19 November 2017) presents many kinds of opportunities for individuals and communities to work together for the common good, shared understanding and overcoming fears associated with being different.

An American professor of religion once said that ‘the rightness of our religion is among the most intransigent and incorrigible of our cherished convictions; so much so that anyone who believes, thinks and acts differently is wrong. As a result, the experience of religious difference can evoke discomforting anxiety, if not full-blown fear.’ Interfaith Week is designed to overcome such fear.

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What is Remembrance for?

The right wing thought police have been out and about counting up students who do and don’t wear a red poppy at this time of year.

Not wearing a poppy means you’re left wing, a foreigner, or unpatriotic. But what is Remembrance for, with or without a poppy?

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