#MeToo - What of forgiveness?

The easiest way to deal with the wounds of abuse - any abuse - is to think nothing, (never mind say nothing), either of the past or of the present. You just ‘deal with it’, a very apt expression, but one which, if acted upon, can be toxic.

For one thing, it is a lie. You never ‘deal with it’, so why, at any point in history, do we pretend that this is possible?

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The total gospel of love - a response to the Primates’ Meeting

It’s easy to mock the communiqués that come out of the recent Primates’ meeting.

There is a call for a ‘season of prayer of repentance and reconciliation’, and one might ask when is not a season of prayer of repentance and reconciliation?

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Brexit and the echoes of empire

Not only did Britain vote to leave Europe: it seems we can’t even negotiate with it. We seem overconfident that we can push our weight around and get what we want, while unable to take other Europeans seriously.

Why? Do we really think the British are so superior to everyone else? Or is it just the English? Is England revealing its cultural failings?

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The Archbishop of Canterbury, irreconcilable difference and ‘copping out’

In Alastair Campbell’s interview with him in GQ Magazine, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, admits ‘copping out’ on the question of whether gay sex is sinful – his Tim Farron moment.

Archbishop Justin also admitted that reconciling the views of those in liberal Anglican Churches with those of churches such as Uganda and other ‘GAFCON’ Churches for whom the issue of same-sex relationships is a ‘red line’ matter, is impossible: ‘It is irreconcilable’. When challenged by Campbell on whether his response to same-sex relationships (however faithful, stable and loving they are) was ‘morally a cop-out’, the Archbishop responded: ‘Yes. I am copping out because I am struggling with the issue’.

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Why progressives need God

This is an edited version of the talk I gave at St Denys Bookshop in Manchester, on 30th September. It describes my new book Why Progressives Need God, and why I wrote it.

My background is in liberal theology. For quite a while I’ve been an active member of Modern Church, a liberal society in the Church of England. My main focus is philosophy and ethics, so I ask questions like: do we need to believe in God? Does it make any difference? I think it does.

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