Modern Church, Greenbelt and Pussy Riot

So, Modern Church went to Greenbelt. I realise that lots of Modern Church members go – I met quite a few of them there. Some – for whom we are very grateful – volunteered to help on the stall we shared with Inclusive Church and Women and the Church (WATCH).

But Modern Church was there as a Partner: we sponsored three of the acts: Vicky Beeching, Peterson Toscano, and Welcome Wagon.

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Modern Church conference - A student's perspective by Kenneth Wilkinson-Roberts

My name is Kenneth Wilkinson-Roberts, and I'm a postgraduate student at Lancaster University, studying the effects of emerging technologies on the priesthood, personhood and warfare. I also work as an LGBTI+ activist, especially working on issues surrounding the church and peacekeeping.

After attending last year’s conference as a student volunteer, I was really keen to get involved again this year, especially as I knew more people and knew what to expect, so could get more stuck in. I’ve even joined the Modern Church Council!

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Modern Church conference - A student's perspective by Dave Shaw

My name is Dave Shaw and I’m a trainee Methodist Pioneer Minister, based in The Meadows area of Nottingham, where I manage a Trussell Trust foodbank which provides 16,000 meals to folk ‘in crisis’ each year.

As part of exploring my own calling to ministry I joined the Methodist Pioneering Pathway last year and I’m currently a full-time student doing a BA in Contextual Ministry and Practical Theology at St John’s College in Nottingham. This was where I saw the 2018 Modern Church conference on Ritual, Worship and Culture advertised.

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Poems for justice part 1

Central Liverpool’s food bank, previously known as Hope+, has now been renamed Micah Liverpool. In its honour I was asked to introduce the Hebrew prophet Micah in three sermons at St Brides’ Church.

This one is based on Micah 6:1-8, which is quoted towards the end of this post.

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