More... Annual Conference 2019    

Annual Conference 2019

Theology in the public square - Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th July 2019 at High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Herts.

More... Modern Church is 120!    

Modern Church is 120!

Modern Church is celebrating 120 years with a social media campaign recording key moments in its history

More... Modern Church, Greenbelt & Pussy Riot    

Modern Church, Greenbelt & Pussy Riot

Modern Church General Secretary Jonathan Draper reflects on our partnership with this year's festival and sponsorship of three acts

More... Our annual conference - A student's perspective    

Our annual conference - A student's perspective

Trainee Methodist Pioneer Minister Dave Shaw thanks delegates who donated to enable student volunteers to attend this year


Calling time on titles

by Will Baynes
from Signs of the Times No. 60 - Jan 2016

I was talking to an associate the other day about the humility of the Church of England. I had to overcome some barriers to understanding because my associate labours under certain disadvantages (I believe it is unfashionable to call them handicaps.)

First is youth; he is in his 30s. Then he only has a doctorate in something religious and obscure from Dunelm, and finally he is from Italy.

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A year of being a widower

by Richard Darlington
from Signs of the Times No. 60 - Jan 2016

It is now more than a year since my wife, Elizabeth Darlington, died and I would like to share how the experience has been for me.

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Reviews: Abraham’s children: Jew, Christian, Muslim - Commonality and conflict & Making Sense of Militant Islam by Anne Davidson

by Alan Wolfe
from Signs of the Times No. 60 - Jan 2016

The three ‘monotheistic’ faiths collectively claim support from 3.6 billion people, 54% of the world population, and 65% of those professing any religion.

Besides all believing there is one and only one Supreme Being, all three base their faith on a book (Old Testament/Tanak, New Testament or Holy Qur’an).

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Review: Archbishop Justin Welby - Risk-Taker & Reconciler by Andrew Atherstone

by Ian Funnell 
from Signs of the Times No. 60 - Jan 2016

This unauthorised but well-researched biography of the marvellous Justin Welby is a re-working of an earlier version rushed out soon after his promotion to Canterbury.

The author’s English style is a little prosaic, and if you seek the aphorisms of Oscar Wilde or A.N. Wilson you will look in vain. However, the book is never dull, and in this Atherstone is helped, of course, by the extraordinary life of his subject.

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Review: Sanctuary - Poems by Martyn Halsall

by Tim Pearce
from Signs of the Times No. 60 - Jan 2016

Coleridge, best known for The Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan, also wrote a number of meditative poems which have come to be known as the Conversation poems.

Martin Halsall, a retired journalist, compiled this book of poems after a year as Poet in Residence at Carlisle Cathedral - he says,

Like journalism, they grew from notes, conversations, observations, reflections and experiences, from being there.

Some, like Mirrors, are mainly observations, but he readily turns what he sees into a thought to ponder.

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