More... Annual Conference 2019    

Annual Conference 2019

Theology in the public square - Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th July 2019 at High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Herts.

More... Modern Church is 120!    

Modern Church is 120!

Modern Church is celebrating 120 years with a social media campaign recording key moments in its history

More... Modern Church, Greenbelt & Pussy Riot    

Modern Church, Greenbelt & Pussy Riot

Modern Church General Secretary Jonathan Draper reflects on our partnership with this year's festival and sponsorship of three acts

More... Our annual conference - A student's perspective    

Our annual conference - A student's perspective

Trainee Methodist Pioneer Minister Dave Shaw thanks delegates who donated to enable student volunteers to attend this year

More... New head of contemporary spirituality    

New head of contemporary spirituality

NEW Managing Editor of Modern Church's quarterly liberal theology journal Modern Believing announced as Coordinator of Centre for Contemporary Spirituality…


Review - Sing out for justice: The poetry and passion of the Hebrew Prophets by Ray Vincent

by Rosemary Walters
from Signs of the Times No. 69 - Apr 2018

The keywords in this book’s title, ‘justice’, ‘poetry’ and ‘passion’, reveal the author’s conviction that in discerning the priority of establishing justice in a radically changing world, the biblical prophets can be read from the imaginative perspective of the sensitivity and passion of poetry.

As he explains in the preface, these poetic impulses include longing, lamenting and celebrating – this sets the tone for a fascinating, accessible and stimulating journey through the identity, context and mission of the prophets.

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Review - The joy of being Anglican ed. Hodgson & Smith

by Lorraine Cavanagh
from Signs of the Times No. 69 - Apr 2018

At a time when Anglicanism is in danger of disintegration, this collection of short essays reminding us of the joys of being Anglican could not be more welcome.

In these fractious and difficult times, we badly need to be reminded of the subtle joys which Anglicanism has always brought to the practice of the Christian faith. Joy is not only of God, but is constituent of Anglican freedom, the essential freedom of belonging together in Christ. Each of the contributors celebrates the freedom which comes to us in the hospitality of God, and in the loving engagement of God’s purposes for world and community, focusing it on the iconic presence of the church in any given context.

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And finally… A lightbulb moment!

by Anthony Woollard
from Signs of the Times No. 69 - Apr 2018

The Editor is assured that a document including the following passage was genuinely found amongst the effects of a deceased member from the days when we were the Modern Churchpeople’s Union (and perhaps a little different from now in some of our theological and liturgical approaches - or not? And perhaps General Synod has changed even less?)

How many [Modern Church] members does it take to change a lightbulb?

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Signs Of The Times 2018

No. 68 - January 2018

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Editorial: The point of a pin
Anthony Woollard
Reading through Mark: South West regional day conference October 2017
David James
When praying, hang on to your fingers!
Jonathan Clatworthy
Review: The poet’s quest for God - 21st Century poems of faith, doubt and wonder ed. Brennan et al
Nicola Slee
Review: Lifeline - A Reformation pilgrimage by David Osborne
Martin Wharton
Review: Love let go - Radical generosity for the real world by Truax & Campbell
Paul Brett
Review: Listening & spiritual conversation by Sue Pickering
David Greenwood
Review: Light when it comes by Chris Anderson
Rebekah Hanson
Review: The making of humanity - poetic vision and kindness by Dinah Livingstone
David Williams
Review: The political Samaritan - How power hijacked a parable by Nick Spencer
Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 69 - April 2018

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Editorial: On the move
Anthony Woollard
God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit but not three persons
John Goodchild
Three persons, one God
Adrian Thatcher
History as past, present and future: Reflections on Hamilton
Frances Eccleston
Response to crisis: Restoring our covenant with Creation - Report on the South West Regional Day Conference, Saturday 3rd February
David James
Review: The books of John Bunyan
Chris Savage
Review: A liberal and godly Dean: A life of Edward Carpenter by Michael De-la-Noy
Marcus Braybrooke
Review: Heart of Oneness: A little book of connection by Jennifer Kavanagh
Alan Race
Review: Meeting evil with mercy: An Anglican priest’s bold answer to atrocity by Philip Pegler
Tim Purchase
Review: The authority of service and love - A recovery of meaning by Roger Payne
Alan Jeans
Review: Sing out for justice: The poetry and passion of the Hebrew Prophets by Ray Vincent
Rosemary Walters
Review: The joy of being Anglican eds. Caroline Hodgson & Heather Smith
Lorraine Cavanagh
And finally… A lightbulb moment!
Anthony Woollard

No. 70 - July 2018

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Editorial: The Church beyond the Church?
Anthony Woollard
Is a refreshed Grand Narrative for the West possible?
Brenda Watson
Ecclesiology - what’s that?
David Jennings
What did Jesus ever do for us? A meditation on the Atonement
David Simon
Angela Tilby’s column ‘Deliver us from the Evangelical takeover’ - A Sydney Anglican response
John Bunyan
Triunity as friendship
F. Gerald Downing
Sceptical Christianity: Exploring credible belief
Jonathan Draper
Review: Why progressives need God: An ethical defence of monotheism by Jonathan Clatworthy
Duncan Dormor
Review: Sacred signposts: Words, water and other acts of resistance by Benjamin Dueholm
Tim Macquiban
In memory of Alex Elsmore 1995-2018
Anthony Woollard

No. 71 - October 2018

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Or read online:
Editorial: In the midst of death...
Anthony Woollard
A refreshed Grand Narrative for the West: Escaping from a narrow understanding of reason
Brenda Watson
A Swedish journey towards inclusion
Sally Barnes
Review - Who is my neighbour? by Carter & Wells
Paul Brett
Review - God, improv, and the art of living by Maryann McKibben Dana
T Derrick Witherington
Review - Regaining life’s winding trail by Henry Disney
Rosalind Lund
Review - Action! A cleric off the leash by Colin Hodgetts
Bill Cave
Review - CD: Padraig O Tuama in conversation with Raymond Friel
Keith Thomasson
Review - The way of silence: Engaging the sacred in daily life by David Steindl-Rast OSB
Michael Goater
Review - The Holy Spirit and an evolving Church by James Coriden
Karen Gorham
Review - Waiting for the last bus: Reflections on life and death by Richard Holloway
by Vanessa Herrick