We published an eight–page supplement in the Church Times published on 26 October 2007

Page 1

'Delighted' to address MCU conference, proud to be liberal, aware that we're fallible - Gene Robinson.

Page 2

Who's who in the MCU.

The search for a truth that no-one can own - John Saxbee.

Questions can open our minds - Steven Shakespeare.

Page 3

Struggle is on for the Anglican soul - the 2008 MCU Conference.

A still, small voice in a global storm - Paul Bagshaw.

Page 4

Ray Gaston at All Hallows Church, Leeds;   A smart church with a radical message, 'people matter' - Charles Hedley at St James' Church, Piccadilly - Betsy Grey.

Page 5

Adrian Alker at St Mark's Church, Sheffield; 'Through openness, struggle, laughter and prayer we discover the sacred' - Maggie Butcher at St James' Church, Piccadilly - Betsy Grey.

Page 6

If religion doesn't want to be seen as part of the problem it must work to be part of the solution - Alan Race.

Yes, there are liberal Christians on campus - Liam Purcell.

Page 7

Strident atheists are the new fundamentalists - Richard Harries.

Beware of the Bible: it's the key to our understanding of Jesus. But he used scripture intelligently and so should we - Keith Ward.

Back with a vengeance, the curse of creationism - Paul Badham.

Page 8

MCU Conferences: strong views, good friends, and healthy debate - Rosalind Lund.

The nocturnal prowl of the professor in striped pyjamas - Joan Dorrell reviews a history of theologocal education at Cuddeson by Mark Chapman.

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