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Liberal Perspectives on Christianity

Interviews and video by Robert Fielding featuring Modern Church people and others talking about their understanding of Christianity - click here to view.
Part 1 - video Science, Creation and Miracles
Part 2 - Video Death and Suffering
Part 3 - Video Christianity and Jesus
Part 4 - Video God and the Bible
Part 5 - Video Churches and modern culture

These videos are also on the Modern Church YouTube channel.


Ritual, Worship & Culture

The 2018 conference chaired by Revd Canon Dr Jo Spreadbury asked 'Is there a basic instinct to worship?'

We explored new age rituals and traditional practices alike. What can we learn from the secular instinct to ritualise and memorialise? Which forms of ritual are shared and which are distinct between different approaches to faith and different cultural contexts? Can there ever be truly ‘common worship’ or should we rejoice in the variety of expressions across all cultures and incarnations that can never be controlled fully by ecclesiastical prescription?

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God: None, One, Three or Many?

The 2017 conference chaired by Linda Woodhead and Jane Shaw explored:
- What do we mean by the word ‘God’? Or, for that matter, lower-case ‘god’ or ‘gods’?
- A majority of people in Britain claim to believe in ‘God’, but is this ‘the Christian God’?
- And what is ‘the Christian God’ anyway

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Performing the Faith: Shakespeare, the Theatre and Theology Today

The 2016 conference chaired by Alison Milbank explored Shakespeare’s complex links with religion, and the implicit (and occasionally more explicit) theology to be found in his plays. Liberal Christians, who read the books of Scripture, tradition and reason alongside each other, need also to learn to read this cultural phenomenon.

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Seeking the Sacred: Christianity in dialogue with other religions and the world

The 2015 conference in association with the World Congress of Faiths and chaired by Alan Race was designed on the basis that our encounters with people of other religions lead us to acknowledge the positive presence of the sacred in other traditions and movements.

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A Liberating Spirit? Exploring Spirituality for the 21st Century

The 2014 conference chaired by Martyn Percy explored some of the contemporary approaches to spirituality through the lens of open minded and well-informed enquiry.

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The Earth is the Lord's: Renewing the Covenant of Creation

The 2013 conference chaired by Margaret Barker explored what the Bible says about the creation, based on the most fundamental idea of the eternal covenant which binds all creation and human society into one God-given system.

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By whose authority: an interfaith look and women and religious authority

We all step in and out of leadership, whatever our roles in life. We all need leadership to go well; we need to have the people who fit that role. The 2012 conference chaired by Harriet Harris explored the issues in an interfaith context.

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Can these bones live? Reading the Bible today

In the year of the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible, the 2011 conference chaired by Adrian Thatcher focused on reading the Bible in new and inspiring ways.

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Shifting paradigms: Theology & economics in the 21st century

The unprecedented circumstances of the global recession provided a unique opportunity for dialogue between theology, ethics and economics in appraising our economic life. The 2010 conference chaired by Edmund Newell was a contribution to that discussion.

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Perfect freedom: Liberal faith today and tomorrow

The 2009 conference chaired by John Saxbee considered liberal faith from several perspectives.

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b morgan2

Saving the soul of Anglicanism: the nature and future of the Anglican Communion

The 2008 conference chaired by Barry Morgan considered the nature of Anglicanism, the implications of the Covenant and the future of Communion.

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Passion for Justice: Global and Faithful Perspectives on Human Sexuality

Organized in collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality and the Student Christian Movement, the 2006 conference chaired by Elaine Graham looked at real troubles and debates in the churches on sexuality, and the response of the media.

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