Saving the soul of Anglicanism: the nature and future of the Anglican Communion

Tuesday 8th to Friday 11th July 2008 at High Leigh Conference Centre.
Chair: Most Revd Dr Barry Morgan
Secretary: Revd Jean Mayland
Chaplain: Revd Sarah Lamming

We share the anxiety of many in the Anglican Communion about its future. MCU is committed to a Church which is open, inclusive and welcoming to all. This conference will consider:

  • the nature of Anglicanism, in the UK and overseas
  • what Anglicanism has been in the past and is now
  • Anglicanism from a critical and Free Church point of view
  • the role of the Communion in the world today
  • the proposed Covenant and its implications.
Conference photos: Joan Dorrell

Papers from the conference were published in several editions of Modern Believing from October 2008.

Speakers (with text where available)

b morgan2  
Barry Morgan
R. S. Thomas' Religious Poetry. Questions not answers:  A way forward for the Anglican Communion?
Most Revd Dr Barry Morgan is Archbishop of Wales and an MCU Vice President.
Talk: pdf Full text

 c methuen  
Charlotte Methuen
'In the which the pure Word of God is preached and the Sacraments be duly administered': The ecclesiology of the Church of England in the context of the European Reformation.
Revd Dr Charlotte Methuen is Lecturer in Church History at the University of Oxford  and Canon Theologian of the Diocese of Gloucester.

 m jackson  
Michael Jackson
Anglicanism, blessing or curse - the Irish experience.
Rt Revd Dr Michael Jackson is Bishop of Clogher, Church of Ireland.
Talk: pdf Full text

 t mwamba3  
Trevor Mwamba
A holy mess and the grace of ambiguity.
Rt Revd Musonda Trevor Mwamba is Bishop of Botswana and Dean of the Province of Central Africa.
Talk: pdf Full text

 f griswold2  
Frank Griswold
The Episcopal Church and the future of the Anglican Communion.
Most Revd Frank T Griswold is former Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church.

 mm adams4
Marilyn McCord Adams
The proposed Anglican Covenant and its implications for the Communion.
Revd Dr Marilyn McCord Adams is Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford University and Canon of Christ Church.
Talk: pdf Full text

 j wootton  
Janet Wootton
A dissenter's view of Anglicanism and Establishment.
Rev Dr Janet Wootton is Director of Studies for the  Congregational Federation. Until the end of 2003, she was minister of Union Chapel, Islington,  an inner city church with an active homelessness project and a varied music programme.
Talk: pdf Full text

g robinson2
Gene Robinson
My story and my hopes for the future.
Rt Revd V Gene Robinson is Bishop of New Hampshire.

a brown
Andrew Brown
A journalist's view of Anglicanism.
Andrew Brown is an English writer and journalist. His interests cover biology,  religion, and technology - especially where they overlap.  Recent articles in The Guardian.
Talk: pdf Full text