No. 24 - Jan 2007

Editorial: Who wants to be evangelized?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Leading an embattled church?
John Saxbee
Faith at school
Mary Roe
Inclusive, Confident, Faithful: A response to Rowan Williams
Steven Shakespeare and Hugh Rayment-Pickard
The media and the Archbishop
Richard Hall
Covenant - or ultimatum?
Jonathan Clatworthy
The pity and the wonder - part 2
Patrick Lewin
Letter: The meanings of certainty
Lewis Stretch

No. 25 - Apr 2007

Editorial: Religious exceptions
Jonathan Clatworthy
A hopeful future for English evangelicalism
Simon Butler
Obituary: Abbé Pierre
Richard Darlington
Mr and Mrs Jesus and their son
Frances Eccleston, Anthony Woollard, David Storey
Gay adoption
John Mackrell
Authority - a personal view
Richard Martin
The pity and the wonder - part 3
Patrick Lewin
A plea for the deluded
John MacDonald Smith
What price unity?
Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 26 - Jul 2007

Editorial: Good religion, good science
Jonathan Clatworthy
Conscientious objection
Mary Roe
Response to the Draft Anglican Covenant
Summary of the arguments
Bouncing the Covenant through the Anglican Communion
Paul Bagshaw
MCU and the Covenant
Thou shalt (not) tamper with the text!
Graham Hellier
Fighting fundamentalism
Extracts from Douglas Bartles-Smith's new book
Scholarship and Fierce Sincerity: Henry D. A. Major, The Face of Anglican Modernism
Calum Gilmour
Science and religion - avoiding the conflict
John Quenby
The pity and the wonder - part 4
Patrick Lewin
Letter: Reply to The meanings of certainty
Brenda Watson
Letter: Reply to Faith at school
Elizabeth Ashton
Two Poems
Audrey Theodosia Bryant

No. 27 - Oct 2007

Editorial: Natural theology, the Bible and the church
Jonathan Clatworthy
Obituary: The Revd Canon Chris Bard
David Driscoll
The authority of the Bible
David Taylor
Intercessory prayer - a Google of ideas
Extracts from an online discussion
Lake Malawi still has no bishop
Events continue to astonish
Gone for good? A day conference on church leaving
Karin Lyle
The pity and the wonder - part 5
Patrick Lewin
John Paul I - A suitable case for Hercule Poirot?
John Mackrell
Obituary: The Very Revd Alan Webster
Jean Mayland
Violence: a stubborn pandemic - Reflections on the 2007 MCU Conference
Alan Race
Letter: This year's conference
Judith Pritchard