A redesigned series of leaflets. Printed copies are available on request from the Modern Church office unless otherwise noted.


Modern Church - Who we are and how to join

A new leaflet for 2016 with a general introduction to Modern Church.

It includes a membership subscription form on the back page with instructions to make it easier to join.

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Liberal theology -what it is and why the church needs it

An updated version of the 'Liberal Theology - what it is and why the Church needs it' leaflet.  It explains what the words 'liberal' and 'theology' generally mean, the contrast between   liberals and conservatives in religion, and why Modern Church promotes liberal theology.

As well as explaining the liberal connection it also provides a general introduction to Modern Church.

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Evolution - what it is and how it is consistent with a creator God

A new leaflet by Keith Ward, Regius Professor of Divinity Emeritus at Oxford University.

It explains what evolution, in its post-Darwinian sense, is and how it is consistent with a creator God.

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Sex & God

The Church often appears pre-occupied with one aspect of sex or another.

This leaflet attempts to summarise a theologically liberal position that locates sexuality within a rational framework.

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Publishing in Modern Believing

Clear answers to questions anyone considering writing for Modern Believing might have.

This leaflet explains the aims and areas of interest of the journal, who can write for it and relevant contact information.

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