Globalising God - the new internationalism

Conference held Tuesday 15th-Friday 18th July 2003 at High Leigh Conference Centre.
Chair: Canon John Atherton
Secretary: Dr Simon Taylor
Chaplain: Revd Robin Dodge

What is the Good News for a world in the throes of globalisation? Where is God in a world of poverty, terrorism and consumerism?

In the twenty-first century have we finally become one world, or are  the divisions and inequalities greater than ever?

There are many challenges facing our world, and this conference aimed to bring them into contact with resources from Christianity and other faiths as we seek to live in a world where greater unity seems to come only at the cost of greater division.


  • Tom Wright
    Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey.  A New Testament scholar and prolific author of books  including The New Testament and the People of God, Jesus and the Victory of God,  and the ... for Everyone series.

  • Duncan Forrester
    Professor Emeritus of Theology and Public Issues  at Edinburgh University and author of On Human Worth and Christian Justice and Human Policy.

  • Grace Davie
    Reader in Sociology at Exeter University  and author of Believing without Belonging and Europe: the Exceptional Case.

  • Andrew Davey
    Board of Social Responsibility, author of  Urban Christianity and Global Order.

  • Andrew Bradstock
    Member of the United Reformed Church.  Author of Radical Religion and the English Civil War, editor of Radical Christian Writings.

  • Andrew Shanks
    Author of Civil Society, Civil Religion and God and Modernity.

  • Philip Goodchild
    Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Nottingham.

  • Wendy Tyndale
    Former co-ordinator  of the World Faiths Development Dialogue.

  • Malcolm Brown
    Principal of the East Anglican Ministerial Training Course.