Seeking the Sacred:

Christianity in dialogue with other religions and the world

2015 Annual Conference of Modern Church in association with the World Congress of Faiths

Monday 13th – Thursday 16th July 2015 at High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Herts

Christian relationships with people of other religions can be both exciting and troubling. Exciting because we discover the presence of the sacred beyond Christian walls; troubling because we are made to face questions of how new discoveries and experiences fit with inherited ideas about Christian identity.

This conference was designed on the basis that our encounters with people of other religions lead us to acknowledge the positive presence of the sacred in other traditions and movements. It will explore new relationships and insights into what dialogue with newly-found friends might entail. It begins with the emergent story of the universe itself and ends with far-reaching proposals about the nature of the cultural and religious evolution in which we are all caught up.

Programme: Click here to download

Chair: Canon Dr Alan Race

Chaplain: Revd Bonnie Evans-Hills

Speakers (with audio recordings):

Alan Race
Canon Dr Alan Race

Conference Chair Alan Race is Acting Chairman of the World Congress of Faiths and Editor of Interreligious Insight.

Introduction & Overview
audio Listen / download mp3 (35 mins)
Justine Huxley
Justine Huxley

Director, St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

The Meaning & Experience Of Dialogue
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Ataullah Siddiqui
Dr Ataullah Siddiqui

Reader in Religious Pluralism and Inter-Faith Relations, Markfield Institute of Higher Education

Revelation and Scripture in Abrahamic Faiths

with Dr Ataullah Siddiqui,
Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg
and Rev Georgiana Heskins

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(34 mins)
Jonathan Wittenberg
Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

Rabbi of New North London Synagogue and Senior Rabbi of Masorti Judaism

Georgiana Heskins
Rev Georgiana Heskins

Staff Tutor, South East Institute for Theological Education

 Elizabeth Harris

Dr Elizabeth Harris

Associate Professor in the Comparative Study of Religion at Liverpool Hope University, specialising in Buddhist Studies

How Buddhism Has Affected My Faith
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Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh
Dr Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh

Crawford Family Professor of Religion, Colby College, Maine, USA

Gurus, Prophets and Messiahs: a Sikh-Christian Dialogue

with Dr Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh
and Rev Dr John Parry

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(55 mins)
 John Parry
Rev Dr John Parry

Former Lecturer in Contextual Theology at Luther King House, Manchester

Perry Schmidt-Leukel
Dr Perry Schmidt-Leukel

Professor of Religious Studies and Intercultural Theology, University of Muenster, Germany

Religious Pluralism In 13 Theses
audio Listen / download mp3 (63 mins)
Shaunaka Rishi Das

Director, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

Images of the Divine: a Hindu-Christian dialogue

with Shaunaka Rishi Das
and Dr Laura Johnson

audio Listen / download mp3
48 mins)
Dr Laura Johnson

Vice-Chair Herefordshire Inter-Faith Group, Lay Development Worker, Diocese of Hereford

s hettiarachchi
Dr Shanthi Hettiarachchi

Consultant and Lecturer in Sociology of Religion, Conflict and Community Engagement

Religion & Violence
audio Listen / download mp3 (52 mins)
Harriet Crabtree
Harriet Crabtree

Director of the Inter Faith Network, UK

Interfaith Encounters: What Has Been Achieved And What Is To Come?
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Workshop / Discussion Facilitators:

Rev Bonnie Evans-Hills

Conference Chaplain, Interfaith Advisor for the Diocese of St Albans

Listen To Her Roar! Feminist Movements Within Religious Traditions

Charanjit Ajit Sing
Charanjit AjitSingh

Board Member, International Interfaith Centre, Oxford

Seeking The Sacred In Sikhism

Jenny Kartupelis MBE

Programme and Development Officer, World Congress of Faiths

Christians Facilitating Interfaith Dialogue: Opportunities And Challenges In Practice

Vinod Kapashi
Dr Vinod Kapashi

Member of World Council of Faiths Executive Committee, President of the Mahavir Foundation

Jainism & The Multiplicity Of Viewpoints

Sonya Wratten
Rev Sonya Wratten

Priest-in-charge, All Saints Bedford

Art & Interfaith Dialogue

j kenney
Jim Kenney

Executive Director, Common Ground, Centre for Adult Education, Lake Forest, USA (via Skype)

Discussion on the film: Story Of The Universe