Should bishops and deans be managers?

The new Green Report, on training bishops and deans in the Church of England, has generated widespread interest. Friday’s Church Times described it, along with a critical appraisal by Martyn Percy. Thinking Anglicans has already listed eight more responses, all critical though sympathetic to the basic idea of improving the system.

Here is another! This is a personal comment from a retired priest who was never considered for a bishopric - which shows that the present system does get some things right.

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Feeding Britain: why so difficult?

Feeding Britain is the title of the Report published on Tuesday by the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger in the United Kingdom.

The title page explains that it reflects the views of MPs with an interest in the issue (it is not an official report of either House of Parliament), and ‘was funded with generous support from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Charitable Trust’.

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The foundations of humanism

There is a good article in Friday’s Church Times by Nick Spencer and Angus Ritchie, describing a new Theos report, The Case for Christian Humanism.

Apparently it was not till the middle of the 20th century that the word ‘humanism’ came to refer to the non-religious.

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Would Jesus save the railways?

Last week a YouGov survey won the prize for the most stupid question in an opinion poll:

Do you think Jesus would support or oppose renationalising the railways, so they are run in the public sector rather than by private companies?

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Advent. Of another year, or change?

This is my sermon for Advent Sunday.

I was brought up in a vicarage. My father was the vicar of a Somerset village, and life revolved around church activities. Advent Sunday was the beginning of the church year. We look forward to the birth of Christ at Christmas, and then go through the annual cycle with Holy Week, Easter, Ascension and Pentecost. Along with all the saints’ days the whole system added up to a regular annual cycle, beginning each year with Advent.

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