New directions for the Church 1: Whose kingdom come?

You may or may not have noticed, but we are now in the middle of a ‘global wave of prayer’ initiated by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, under the name ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.

This is the first of a series of posts reflecting on the Church, primarily here the Church of England. I ask how it is perceived by its leaders, and how we might perceive it differently. I believe their idea of the Church isn’t working. The aim of these posts is to offer positive alternatives. Thy Kingdom Come illustrates what’s wrong.

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Just love for all - Bishop speaks out against inequality and harm for LGBTI Christians

Last month, at the launch of a new charity whose aim is to tackle prejudice and discrimination on the grounds of sexuality and gender in religious organisations, Bishop of Liverpool Paul Bayes spoke of his 'pain and regret' at the rejection and harm many LGBTI+ people have experienced personally and institutionally from Christians.

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Testing times

Public exams almost always coincide with the season of Pentecost although this year, given the early positioning of Easter, this happy coincidence may not quite happen.

The official starting date for GCSEs is Monday 14th May, just a few days after the feast of the Ascension and still a few days short of Pentecost.

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Rogation Sunday - what are we asking for?

This is my sermon for Rogation Sunday, the traditional name for the Sunday before Ascension Day.

The word ‘rogation’ comes from the Latin for ‘to ask’. There is a tradition of praying for the crops to grow well and produce a good harvest.

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War. What fun!

More air strikes. America attacks. Britain and France meekly follow Trump’s lead. Britain’s four RAF Tornados may not be the biggest part of the initiative, but it means we’re metooing.

Most of the public discourse is about surface isssues: who did what, what do we know, which laws have been broken? Beneath them lie deeper questions which we rarely ask.

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