The meaning of life in East and West

When I went to hear Harvard Professor Michael Puett’s lecture at the University of Liverpool on ‘Chinese Philosophy and the Meaning of Life’, I had no idea that the strongest values of western culture were about to be turned on their head, but that’s what happened.

I can’t do justice to his case. You’ll have to read his book for that. I’ll settle for describing how it affected me.

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Climate change: More hubris won't stop it

John Vaillant’s shocking description of the recent fires in California, hotter than anything seen before, melting everything in urban landscapes, should wake us up to the future awaiting us all if we carry on with our destructive lifestyles.

Now, the latest Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change demands ‘urgent and unprecedented changes’ by 2030, only 12 years away.

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Poems for justice part 2

This is the second of three posts about the ancient Hebrew prophet Micah, based on sermons I preached at St Bride's Liverpool. This one is about the relationship between justice and fairness.

The first describes how Micah lived in a society with conflicting beliefs about justice. So do we. To illustrate the difference, here’s an old story. You may have heard before, but it makes a point.

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Modern Church, Greenbelt and Pussy Riot

So, Modern Church went to Greenbelt. I realise that lots of Modern Church members go – I met quite a few of them there. Some – for whom we are very grateful – volunteered to help on the stall we shared with Inclusive Church and Women and the Church (WATCH).

But Modern Church was there as a Partner: we sponsored three of the acts: Vicky Beeching, Peterson Toscano, and Welcome Wagon.

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Modern Church conference - A student's perspective by Kenneth Wilkinson-Roberts

My name is Kenneth Wilkinson-Roberts, and I'm a postgraduate student at Lancaster University, studying the effects of emerging technologies on the priesthood, personhood and warfare. I also work as an LGBTI+ activist, especially working on issues surrounding the church and peacekeeping.

After attending last year’s conference as a student volunteer, I was really keen to get involved again this year, especially as I knew more people and knew what to expect, so could get more stuck in. I’ve even joined the Modern Church Council!

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