Modern Church conference - A student's perspective by Dave Shaw

My name is Dave Shaw and I’m a trainee Methodist Pioneer Minister, based in The Meadows area of Nottingham, where I manage a Trussell Trust foodbank which provides 16,000 meals to folk ‘in crisis’ each year.

As part of exploring my own calling to ministry I joined the Methodist Pioneering Pathway last year and I’m currently a full-time student doing a BA in Contextual Ministry and Practical Theology at St John’s College in Nottingham. This was where I saw the 2018 Modern Church conference on Ritual, Worship and Culture advertised.

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Poems for justice part 1

Central Liverpool’s food bank, previously known as Hope+, has now been renamed Micah Liverpool. In its honour I was asked to introduce the Hebrew prophet Micah in three sermons at St Brides’ Church.

This one is based on Micah 6:1-8, which is quoted towards the end of this post.

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The origins of the Eucharist: Not what you may have thought

Eucharist, Communion, Mass, Lord’s Supper. For the first Christians, it was their central activity. It was what they gathered for. Why?

The usual story goes like this. On the day before he died, Jesus gathered with the twelve apostles for the kind of meal groups of Jewish men often shared at the Passover Festival, with bread and wine. Jesus said of the bread ‘This is my body’ and of the wine ‘This is my blood’. He also said ‘Do this in remembrance of me’. 150 years after the death of Jesus, and from then on, the standard explanation of the Communion Service has been that Christians are doing what Jesus told them to do at the Last Supper.

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Acts of the Imagination pt 3 - The leap to the heart

I recently had the interesting experience of watching Mission Impossible: Fallout and Mamma Mia! 2 on consecutive evenings.

The first paints a dark picture of the violence, danger and injustice in the world; the second warms the heart. While the fight against the darkness of this world must never end, we also need to remember that the fight for justice is also a matter of the heart.

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Boris Corbyn’s anti-them-ism

Antisemitism with Jeremy Corbyn, anti-Islamism with Boris Johnson: how do they compare?

This post is not about the issues themselves but about the way they are being publicly debated and what this tells us about our declining public ethics.

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