by Lorraine Cavanagh
from Modern Believing Vol 59:3 - July 2018


Good preaching is a three-way connection between God, the people and the preacher. A good sermon will touch on unnamed truths which the listeners may have sensed all their lives but which only come into being through the preacher’s ability to re-ignite them through his or her own life in God. Preachers must therefore let go of any kind of conversion agenda, or of their own personal anxieties in regard to how they come across as communicators. They need to develop the kind of empathy which comes with being deeply rooted in prayer which in turn leads to a sense of the people’s need for healing and for their search for meaning.









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Discussion between Revd Dr Lorraine Cavanagh, launching her book Waiting on the word, and Canon Vincent Strudwick and Revd Prof Jane Shaw, launching their book The naked God at the 2017 annual conference of Modern Church, 'God: None, One, Three or Many?'

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