by Traci C. West
from Modern Believing Vol 60:1 - Jan 2019


This article utilises the lens of a black bisexual queering approach to methodologically expand liberationist Christian ethics. The discussion investigates how certain queer characteristics of bisexual identity might constructively contribute to conceptualising ethical resistance to spiritual and physical violence aimed at black and brown queer people. Attention is given to the politics of how bisexuality is linked to dangerous binary frameworks and heterosexual privilege. But probing these problematic linkages can provide valuable possibilities for a methodological black bisexual queering of anti-violence Christian ethics. It can help to envision and instigate anti-racist truth-telling and church practices with potential to interrupt violence and abuse targeting the most vulnerable black and brown queer community members.


anti-LGBTQ violence, anti-racist, bisexuality, black and brown LGBTQ persons, Christian ethics, heterosexual privilege, liberationist, queering, violence

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