by Amaryah Shaye Armstrong
from Modern Believing Vol 60:1 - Jan 2019


This article considers what kinds of questions are at the heart of a black queer theology, and acts as an introduction to this special issue of Modern Believing. Taking up blackness and queerness as procedures of questioning the uninterrogated assumptions of Christian theology, it considers how we might retool theology for black queer practices of thought. The questions of method, pedagogy, and power become analytics for such an inquiry, as this essay shows how postures of thought are related to postures of relation to others. Against the reproduction of Christian orthodoxy and heresy, this essay argues that a black queer theology cannot be justified in Christian terms, and that the refusal of this justification opens possibilities for a theological justice that is more adequate to the joy of black queer life and the demand of black queer death. At the same time, this article notes that theology cannot be understood as an exhaustive discourse, and that the mysteries of black queer sociality must remain an urgency that repeatedly brings the endeavour of black queer theology into question.


blackness, queerness, theology, Christian imagination, methodology

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