At our annual conference last month, we held our AGM and election of new officers to our board of Trustees and members of our Council.

We formally welcomed our new General Secretary designate, Revd Jonathan Draper, who takes up this new paid, part-time role from 1st September 2017.

The AGM approved our Annual Report for 2016 and the following update of our Charitable Objects, which has been approved with the Charity Commission:

The advancement of the Christian faith for the benefit of the public, in particular through (but not limited to):
a) the promotion of open and critical study of the Christian faith and its relevance in the contemporary world; and
b) offering  resources for individuals and groups in parishes, institutions and public life to support an open-minded and thoughtful approach to matters of faith and religion.

The Council meeting elected Canon Dr Alan Race as the new Chair of Trustees for Modern Church, and Revd Dr Jan Van Der Lely, who stepped down as Chair, was elected as the new Secretary.

Click here to download our 2016 Annual Report.

Click here to download our 2017 Constitution including our revised Charitable Objects.