Church Times cover

The Church Times, described as 'the world's leading Anglican newspaper', has published a joint letter on the meeting of the Anglican Communion Primates in Canterbury earlier this month issued by the leaders of Modern Church and its partner organisations, Inclusive Church and Progressive Christianity Network:

In the statement following their meeting, the Primates of the Anglican Communion have expressed their profound sorrow for the deep hurt caused within the Church towards people on the basis of their sexual orientation and they affirm that God’s love for every human being is the same regardless of their sexuality.

As organisations we are committed to working with people and parishes all over the country to affirm and support the faith, life and ministry of LGBTI people. We now call for tangible signs of the sorrow expressed by the Primates for the way the Communion has acted towards people on the basis of their sexuality; for an acknowledgement of those actions which give the impression that human beings are not the same; and for an unequivocal statement of repudiation of all and every inference which lead to destructive beliefs about LGBTI people.

In the light of the sorrow expressed by the Primates, we will redouble our efforts to reach out to and lift up all who are marginalised in the life of the Church because of the institutionalised homophobia which has stood between so many and the Good News of God’s love for all people. We call for such proactivity on the part of the Bishops of the Church of England in reaffirming that God’s love, call and gifting is the same for all people.

Simon Sarmiento, Secretary of Inclusive Church
Guy Elsmore, General Secretary of Modern Church
Adrian Alker, Chair of Progressive Christianity Network