Meet our new administrator

We're delighted to introduce our new part-time administrator, who will start in November 2015 for a handover period with our current administrator, who is retiring at the end of the year.

My name is Diane Kutar and I am delighted to have been appointed as the new administrator for Modern Church.

I am married to Philip and have a six year old son, Christian. We live in Burgess Hill, about 10 miles from the South East Coast. We worship as a family at St Andrew’s Church in Burgess Hill, where I also work as their site co-ordinator.

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What’s wrong with the Church of England - & can anything be done?

A leading expert on religion came to Liverpool on 29th June 2015 to talk about her surveys of people's religious beliefs, and the challenges they present to church leaders at a time of great change.

Linda Woodhead is best known for spearheading the Westminster Faith Debates, where leading academics and public figures respond to new YouGov surveys on religion and values today.

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Leading theology journal considers debate on assisted dying

Amid controversy in church and society, a change in the law on assisted dying is a real possibility in the next few years. The latest issue of Modern Believing offers an in-depth exploration of the theological questions raised.

Modern Church (which publishes Modern Believing) takes no position on assisted dying. We recognise that strongly held views are held with integrity on both sides. We hope that the journal and this event will provide insight into a central issue for our society.

UPDATE 26/05/15: The debate planned for Tuesday 2nd June 2015 at 6pm at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8EP has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • For details of the current edition of the journal 'Assisted Dying: For and Against the Proposed Legislationclick here
  • For information about Modern Church click here.

Modern Believing publisher wins prestigious award

Liverpool University Press, publishers of Modern Church's quarterly journal Modern Believing, has been named IPG Academic and Professional Publisher of the Year 2015.

Following in the footsteps of much larger publishers, such as Sage and Bloomsbury, Liverpool University Press (LUP) is the first university press to win the award.

Anthony Cond, Director of LUP, said in an email to Modern Church:

'A good publisher sinks or swims based on the quality of its publishing, and so it is without exaggeration that I say that this award is yours too. The expertise and intellectual rigour of our journal editors and editorial boards have played no small part in LUP's success. Thank you.'

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Award winning gay singer Sam Smith records same-sex marriage video in Anglican church

SAM SMITH, the openly gay singer who has recently won four Grammys and two Brit Awards after only one album, released a new video this month depicting a same-sex marriage, filmed in a liberal Anglican church in London.

The music video for the single Lay Me Down was recorded in St Margaret's Church, Lee, with the permission of the Rector, Revd. Dr. Alan Race, a Modern Church Council member and Chair of this year's Annual Conference.

It depicts the 22 year old soul singer at a funeral in the church standing in front of the deceased's coffin, then a flashback reveals that Smith actually married the man in question in the same church. The video then returns to the present day, some time after the funeral, with Smith mourning the loss of his husband in the empty church.

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