Seeking the sacred, challenging hatred: A response to terrorist violence in Paris

The recent terrorist killings in Paris have once again revealed the vulnerability of religion to terrorist abuse.

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Why unity eludes the Church of England

In his presidential address to General Synod, the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke of divisions within the Anglican Communion, and of the prize of being able to develop unity in diversity. Closer to home, he is supporting ‘facilitated conversations’ in the CofE as a way of healing rifts over the issue of gay marriage. What’s the chance of success?

A recent survey of CofE clergy by YouGov, commissioned by the Westminster Faith Debates, reveals a major obstacle in the way of the Archbishop’s goal of ‘disagreeing well’: a relatively small group of the most evangelical male clergy.

Evangelical profile

When asked where they fall on spectrum from evangelical to catholic, roughly a third of all clergy say they are at the evangelical end, a third at the catholic end, and a third in the middle. The third at the evangelical end hold some distinctive and pronounced views.

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Results of YouGov survey of Anglican clergy released

The findings of a new survey of 1,509 Anglican clergy, commissioned by the Westminster Faith Debates to support a new series on the Future of the Church of England, are available here.

Findings include:

Clergy united by  'personal God' and parish system

  • Anglican clergy are united by their strong belief in a “personal God” (83%) rather than in more impersonal understandings of God – like “spirit or life force.”
  • The same proportion (83%) are committed to the ancient parish system, which divides all England into areas served by a priest with a free vicarage, even though the system is under pressure with falling numbers of clergy and worshippers.

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Working together at Greenbelt

MODERN CHURCH has been to Greenbelt where an exciting and very successful festival was held in Greenbelt's new home at Boughton House near Kettering.

We teamed up with Progressive Christianity Network Britain in the resources tent - GSource - featuring the Together in Hope publications which we publish jointly with PCN Britain, St Marks Centre for Radical Christianity and Free to Believe.

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Linda Woodhead appointed President of Modern Church

Modern Church is very pleased to announce that Professor Linda Woodhead has accepted their invitation to become the President of Modern Church in succession to Professor John Barton.

Professor Linda Woodhead MBE MA DD is Professor in the Sociology of Religion in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at the University of Lancaster. Her work explores the relationship between religious and social change worldwide and she is particularly interested in change from the 1980’s to the present.

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