at Gladstone's Library, Hawarden

October 2011: The Resurrection

Led by Professor Paul Badham, Emeritus Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Wales.

Report by Dick Martin.

October 2010: The Gospel Infancy Narratives

Led by Dr Gareth Lloyd Jones, Emeritus Professor in the School of Theology, Bangor University

Report by Richard Martin.

June 2010: Liberal Faith and Positive Values

Led by MCU General Secretary Jonathan Clatworthy

Report by Liz Poynton.

November 2009: Assisted Dying

Led by the Very Revd Professor Gordon McPhate, Dean of Chester and former pathologist, and Dr Oenone Wollaston, a Christian GP with special interest in geriatrics and end-of-life issues.

Report by David Taylor.

June 2009: Faith in a Darwinian World

Led by Dr Stephen Lewis, Department of Biology, University of Chester.

  • Christian Responses to Science - too Apologetic or too Radical?
  • The Bible - 'Word of God' or 'Word of Warning'?
  • Are we 'Fallen Angels' or 'Risen Apes' (and is there any Substantive Difference?)
  • Is Science a Bigger Problem for Religion than Religion is for Science?
  • Finding Security in Uncertainty
Report by David Taylor.

November 2008

  • Peter Law-Jones: The Case of Harold Davidson, the 'Notorious Rector of Stiffkey'
  • Richard Martin: Darwin - Five reasons for Unease
  • David Owen: Exploring God
  • Paul Smith: Theological Reflections during a Year in Afghanistan
  • David Taylor: The Elephant in the Room

June 2008: A Woman's Place...

An exploration into the roles of women and men in society and the church.

Report by Richard Martin.

November 2007

A DIY meeting with short talks by group members followed by discussion.


November 2006

Seven group members were each asked to give a ten-minute talk to be followed by time for discussion.

Reflections by Barbara Wollaston.


June 2006: Gone for Good? An exploration of church leaving

With Professor Leslie J Francis from the University of Wales, Lampeter. A Saturday based around  Professor Francis' detailed analysis of the views and behaviour of people who left the church  and then returned.

Report by Karin Lyle.