No. 56 - January 2015

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Editorial: Finding a voice
Anthony Woollard
Pick your way through the marshes
Graham Hellier
Speaking about God in a parish of many faiths Part 3: Pluralism  
Guy Elsmore
Christianity and other faiths: a brief afterthought
John Goodchild                                       
God and Mammon
Tim Belben
God and the Big Bang
Christine Alker
Obituary: Christina Mary Tebbutt 1919-2014
Rosalind Lund
Review: What clergy do, especially when it looks like nothing by Emma Percy
David Driscoll
Review: Psalms redux: poems and prayers by Carla Grosch-Miller
Mary Roe
Review: Reconciliation - the journey of a lifetime byBrian Castle
Lorraine Cavanagh
Review: Bread not stones - the autobiography of an eventful life by Una Kroll
Trevor Pitt
Review: The reluctant patient by Ian G. Wallis
Helen Burnett
Looking for material for a Lent group?
Together In Hope series

No. 57 - April 2015

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Editorial: Does it matter?
Anthony Woollard
Are we asking the right questions?
Merryn Hellier
Evangelism and witness: about what?
Jonathan Clatworthy
The 2015 proposals to re-brand the Church of England
Ian Duffield
Uncertainty, faith and inter-faith dialogue: Speaking about God in multi-faith contexts
Brenda Watson
MC Day Conference November 2014: Does worship need believable creeds?
Jeyan Anketell
Tim Belben
Book reviews: What we talk about when we talk about GodLove wins: At the heart of life's big questions by Rob Bell
Alan Wolfe
In memory of Marcus Borg
David Storey

No. 58 - July 2015

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Editorial: On being good disciples
Anthony Woollard
The Church of England: ‘a community of missionary disciples’?
Ian Duffield
Christian disagreement
Guy Elsmore
Charlie Hebdo and religious resistance to fundamentalism
Keith Trivasse
Maybe we're missing something
Richard Bending
Both/and not Either/or: A response to the dangers of, yet necessity for, credal statements
Brenda Watson
Book review - Christian atheist: belonging without believing by Brian Mountford
Helen Burnett
Promoting Modern Church: How you can help
Christine Alker
Performing the Faith: Shakespeare in the World
Modern Church conference 2016

No. 59 - October 2015

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Editorial: Keep calm and carry on
Anthony Woollard
Dreaming the Church
Lorraine Cavanagh
Seeking the Sacred – report from Conference
Julian Wood
Letter to the editor: Discipleship
David Taylor
Pronoun paradox
Tim Belben
How should we address God in public worship? Part 1
Jean Mayland
Tribute to Elizabeth Darlington (1941-2014)
Richard Darlington
Review: Why the Gospel of Thomas matters: The Spirituality of Incertainties by Gethin Abraham-Williams
Alan Wolfe
Review: Questions Are The Answer: nakedpastor and the search for understanding by David Hayward
Kieran Bohan