Review: Bread not stones - autobiography of an eventful life by Una Kroll

by Trevor Pitt
from Signs of the Times No. 56 - Jan 2015

The title of this significant and inspiring book echoes the author's famous angry protest at the Church of England's General Synod in 1978, when the motion supporting the ordination of women priests was rejected. Now half a lifetime ago, the author here reflects on the personal nature of that particular struggle and the outcome in terms of her own subsequent faith journey.

Writing towards the end of a long and eventful life, her profound spiritual autobiography is quite slim and will not take much reading, but that's only because it is so wonderfully written and conceived with utmost personal and intellectual honesty.

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Review: The reluctant patient by Ian G. Wallis

by Helen Burnett
from Signs of the Times No. 56 - Jan 2015

In this deeply personal and eminently readable slim volume, Ian Wallis reflects upon his experience as he is thrown suddenly upon the expertise of the medical profession.

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Looking for material for a Lent group?

from Signs of the Times No. 56 - Jan 2015

Look no further than the Together in Hope series.

Each of these books has short chapters with questions for discussion after each.
Here are two suggestions:

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