Does worship need believable creeds?

Report on a Modern Church day conference November 2014
by Jeyan Anketell
from Signs of the Times No. 57 - Apr 2015

Eighteen people attended this conference in Lichfield, including our leading speaker Modern Church member Revd Canon David Jennings, Canon Theologian at Leicester Cathedral.

Most of us were from two neighbouring parishes in Lichfield, but a few came from as far afield as London, Lincoln and Stockport. We had four one hour sessions, beginning with an opening address by David Jennings.

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by Tim Belben
from Signs of the Times No. 57 - Apr 2015

The spiritual literature is full of suggestions that we should invite Christ to 'dwell in our hearts' and similar passages, but what do we actually think it means?

Does the one who has so invited Christ feel that Christ is accompanying them? If not, why not? And what do we do about it?

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Reviews: What we talk about when we talk about God? & Love wins, by Rob Bell

by Alan Wolfe
from Signs of the Times  No. 57 - Apr 2015

Rob Bell is a pastor living in Los Angeles, who has written several best-sellers and is apparently often heard and seen on radio and TV.

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In memory of Marcus Borg

by David Storey
from Signs of the Times No. 57 - Apr 2015

Marcus Borg has been for me a lifeline in my religious pilgrimage.

I came late to him, thanks to the Centre for Radical Christianity in Sheffield, to which I travelled from the south coast with my wife in order to hear him. Another year we heard him in London. I also obtained tapes of him speaking at Edinburgh in order to play them in my car whilst travelling.

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