by Christine Alker
from Signs of the Times  No. 58 - Jul 2015

However much I cringe at the sight and sound of high street preachers with billboards proclaiming imminent damnation, I always feel a sense of admiration that they are able to do that.

Trying to sell Peace News on the streets of Cambridge many years ago was enough for me! Even after five years at Greenbelt standing at our stall, promoting Modern Church and liberal Christianity, I do not find it easy.

But there are easier, more practical, ways in which we can promote Modern Church with the help of our new publisher and partner, Liverpool University Press. The topics covered in recent editions of the journal have been a gift to those wishing to promote both the journal in particular and Modern Church in general.

Members can be an enormous help in this regard. If you know of a conference or lecture series taking place with a theme which chimes with that of one of our journals, LUP will give us all the help they can in providing literature, free internet access and extra hard copies of the journal to promote Modern Church.

We did this with a Christian Aid conference discussing faith in politics and also an Oasis conference looking at same sex relationships. Organisers of these conferences were very happy to know about the journals which took these themes and were happy for us to promote them at their conferences.

I have also been invited to participate in the 'market place' at a diocesan conference; I think there are more occasions when we could make ourselves known in this way.

Our members are our eyes and ears; please let me or Guy know if you hear of any opportunity to spread the word about Modern Church and we will follow this up.