Thoughts on viewing the Hagar Qim Temple in Malta

by David Fairhurst
from Signs of the Times No. 17 - Apr 2005

As one late January morning I gazed at the awesome temple at Hagar Qim1 near the South West coast of Malta and shortly afterwards entered the temple itself, more and more questions began to flood into my mind. 

Built about 5000 years ago (more than 1000 years before the pyramids), using gigantic stone blocks for its construction, the temple at Hagar Qim was first excavated by archaeologists in 1839.

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by Richard Martin
from Signs of the Times No. 17 - Apr 2005

Four Thousand and Something B.C. The Garden of Eden. Adam enters, looks with admiration at the splendour of the trees around him. A serpent enters. Adam sees the serpent and recognises him.

Adam: Oh, hello, Serpent. What beautiful trees these are. God planted them only a few days ago, I believe.

Serpent: Only a few days ago? Is that what he told you? More like a hundred years - just look how mature they are!

Adam: Why do you have to be so unbelieving? I don't question God - nor should you.

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A people of a book? No thanks!

by Jean Mayland
from Signs of the Times No. 17 - Apr 2005

Since 2003, three important reports have been published - two for the Church of England and one for the Anglican Communion.

Each of these reports has laid great stress on the importance of the Bible for Anglicans. They have points in common as well as differences - subtle or more sweeping - but their general thrust seems to me to be disturbing. The thrust of these reports is to edge us forward to become more and more a people of a Book to which I want to say: 'No thank you!'

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New developments in religious observance in Scottish schools

by Pat Boyd
from Signs of the Times No. 17 - Apr 2005

Consensus has been reached within Scottish Education about the nature of religious education but much confusion remains over the nature and purpose of religious observance.

The statutory position relating to religious observance in Scottish schools is summarised in Religious and Moral Education, 5-14 National Guidelines, the Scottish equivalent of a national curriculum, as follows.

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Jerry Springer - the operetta

by Betsy Grey
from Signs of the Times No. 17 - Apr 2005

The Church of England Newspaper responded to Jerry Springer - the Opera by publishing two responses, from different perspectives. One was by Joel Edwards, the General Director of the Evangelical Alliance, and for the other they asked the MCU. Betsy Grey wrote it for us. The two articles were published on 14th January. This is the text of Betsy's article.

Hearing on the news the worryingly abusive language of Christians outside BBC Television Centre protesting about the screening of Jerry Springer - The Opera, or even reading the moderate views of others voicing deep concerns about the broadcast, raised, I thought, an interesting question.

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