Women bishops and gays? That's the church for me!

by Jean Mayland
from Signs of the Times No. 22 - Jul 2006

This headline I confess to having stolen from the article by Mary Ann Siegart in Times 2 on Thursday 22 June.

She was referring to the American Episcopal Church and the article begins by asking how she can join it. It continues:

It sounds great now that it has a woman, the Bishop of Nevada, the Rt Revd Katharine Jefferts Schori in charge and an openly gay bishop in Gene Robinson. That for me encapsulates all the best Christian virtues of tolerance, diversity and acceptance.

I agree whole heartedly - but that is also what I want both the Church of England and the Anglican Communion to be and my heart says,' How long O Lord, how long!?'

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Don't erect walls of exclusion

The Bishop of Cork's address to his Diocesan Synod, 10 June 2006
[Church of Ireland press release]
from Signs of the Times No. 22 - Jul 2006

  • Gay people are tantamount to scapegoats in the current Anglican row.

  • No point in next Lambeth conference unless all Bishops are invited.

"Anglicanism runs the risk of becoming something wholly unattractive and unrecognisable to those who are drawn strongly to its sometimes exasperating breadth, untidiness and inclusiveness,"

according to the Right Reverend Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork in his address to the Cork, Cloyne and Ross Diocesan Synod in the Rochestown Park Hotel, on Saturday, 10 June, 2006. 

He was referring to the current crisis within Anglicanism and said that any response to the row which resulted in the impetuous erection of "walls of exclusion on the fuzzy edges of Anglicanism would, to my mind, be a negation of the essence of Anglicanism and also of the Church of Ireland."

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A two-tier Anglicanism?

Editorial by Jonathan Clatworthy
from Signs of the Times No. 22 - Jul 2006

The Archbishop has spoken and, obligingly, just before Signs of the Times went to press.

Rowan Williams' Reflection sent to the Primates of the Anglican Communion on 27th June proposes a 'covenant' between local churches. Churches would choose whether to opt in to the covenant, and those who did would 'limit their local freedoms for the sake of a wider witness':

We could arrive at a situation where there were 'constituent' Churches in covenant in the Anglican Communion and other 'churches in association', which were still bound by historic and perhaps personal links, fed from many of the same sources, but not bound in a single and unrestricted sacramental communion, and not sharing the same constitutional structures.

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Not how we do it in the UK - Will Nicholas Henderson become a bishop after all?

by Jonathan Clatworthy
from Signs of the Times No. 22 - Jul 2006

The story so far. In July 2005 the Revd Nicholas Henderson, currently Vicar of two West London parishes, and until a few years ago General Secretary of the MCU, was elected Bishop of a diocese in Malawi. He was well known to the people, as he had often visited to promote various development projects.

Subsequent objections from five people in the diocese led the Archbishop of Central Africa, The Most Revd Dr Bernard Malango to refuse to confirm the election, on the ground that his association with the Modern Churchpeople's Union made him 'not of sound faith.'

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