Two poems

by Audrey Theodosia Bryant
from Signs of the Times No. 26 - Jul 2007

The Last Laugh

Did the funnybone survive among the fittest?

Is laughter evolution at is best?

Are the subleties of humour

Out of gut or skull or femur,

Are they dominant, recessive or repressed?

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Reply to Faith at school

Letter from Elizabeth Ashton
from Signs of the Times No. 26 - Jul 2007

I read with much interest the short article by Mary Roe ('Faith at school', Signs of the Times, January 2007).

The lack of understanding of metaphor to which she refers is very serious indeed, and is perhaps one of the greatest impediments that exists in attempts to understand religion. My own research and publications concerning Religious Education focus on this very issue.

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Reply to The meanings of certainty

Letter from Brenda Watson
in Signs of the Times No. 26 - Jul 2007

May I respond to the letter on 'The meanings of certainty' from Lewis Stretch in the January Signs of the Times?

He makes an important point in distinguishing between absolute certainty and 'sufficient certainty to justify action'. The latter is not incorrigible but is yet both essential and unavoidable in everyday living.

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The pity and the wonder - part 4

by Patrick Lewin
from Signs of the Times No. 26 - Jul 2007
[Other parts: • part 1part 2part 3part 5part 6]

Doomsday was approaching in the form of an overwhelming flood.

A worldwide hook-up of television networks was arranged at unprecedented speed for the day before, to enable religious leaders around the globe to deliver brief words of advice and comfort. The Pope spoke first from the Vatican, his prescription a thousand Hail Marys. Billy Graham implored everyone to fall on their knees and open the doors of their hearts to the Lord Jesus. Then came the Chief Rabbi with the stern visage of an Old Testament prophet. 'You've got exactly twenty-four hours,' he said, 'to learn to breathe underwater.' 

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Science and religion: Avoiding the conflict

by John Quenby
from Signs of the Times No. 26 - Jul 2007

1 - Different Languages

The Rev. John MacDonald Smith [Signs of the Times, April 2007] gives scientists like myself who aspire to venture comments on philosophical and theological topics a salutary warning about mixing up our languages. Richard Dawkins is criticised for moving from science, which is about explaining events in terms of theories which may be falsified, to an attack on metaphysical causality, which is about God's purposiveness in creation.

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