This year's conference

Letter from Judith Pritchard
in Signs of the Times No. 27 - Oct 2007

I was both surprised and gratified when my small part in having dreamed up the theme of our recent conference was acknowledged at its outset.

I enjoyed the conference immensely - the speakers, the company, the food and, above all the splendid eucharistic worship. So I was even more surprised recently, while happily engaged in deleting old files from the computer, to discover my original letter to Nick Henderson, requesting not a conference on violence but a conference on non-violence .

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Violence: a stubborn pandemic - Reflections on the 2007 MCU Conference

by Alan Race
from Signs of the Times No. 27 - Oct 2007

We were right to label violence at our 2007 conference as a stubborn pandemic.

The popular perception is that violence is on the increase - whether we are thinking of domestic, street, city, national or international contexts. I do not know whether this perception is correct. A similar perception exists in relation to crime but we are told that crime figures are down substantially. Still, 'stubborn' violence is.

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Obituary: The Very Revd Alan Webster

by Jean Mayland
from Signs of the Times No. 27 - Oct 2007

Imaginative Dean of two cathedrals, committed supporter of women priests and admired Vice President of the MCU.

Alan Webster became a Vice President of the MCU in the 1990s. Although he had received many honours he warmly appreciated this one as the MCU represented many of the concerns and attitudes for which he had struggled during his life and ministry.

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John Paul I: A suitable case for Hercule Poirot?

by John Mackrell
from Signs of the Times No. 27 - Oct 2007

'The Last Confession' about John Paul I, at The Haymarket in London, is both good theatre and a fascinating 'who dunnit?'

David Suchet and his fellow actors, supported by the subtle direction of David Jones and Roger Crane's witty dialogue, provide a highly entertaining and thought-provoking experience. It is the director's achievement that the dialogue - some shrill exchanges with John Paul apart - appears chillingly authentic. That probably owes much to the actors' conscientious preparation, intriguingly described in the programme, which for once is under priced at £4.

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The pity and the wonder - part 5

by Patrick Lewin
from Signs of the Times No. 27 - Oct 2007
[Other parts: • part 1part 2part 3part 4part 6]

An unforgettable etching shows a philosopher standing robed in his study, surrounded by books, scientific instruments, and a globe, staring into a mirror. Caption: 'His one insoluble problem.' Who am I? What makes me tick?

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