No. 28 - Jan 2008

Editorial: What needs to be freshly expressed?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Climate and church in Malawi
Jonathan Clatworthy
A view from the pew
Joan Dorrell
Climate change: A vision of a low carbon future
Michael Bayley
Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ
Nick Jowett
Creation and Darwin's evolutionary theory
David Taylor
The pity and the wonder - part 6
Patrick Lewin

No. 29 - Apr 2008

Editorial: What do we expect of church leaders?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Recollections of confirmation
Mary Roe
The bug with a propeller up its bum
John MacDonald Smith
Travelling from Chalcedon to Córdoba
Graham Hellier
God's pilgrim people
Savitri Hensman
Learning for a living - Why clergy education matters
Lorraine Cavanagh
Reflections from a train
David Marshall
Seeing Christ in human rights
Donn Mitchell
To Lambeth in the summertime
A poem by Audrey Theodosia Bryant

No. 30 - Jul 2008

Editorial: Do we speak the same language?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Are we speaking to each other, or just shouting?
Jonathan Clatworthy
The Covenant will not do
Paul Bagshaw
When will they get it?
Jean Mayland
'Fresh Expressions' - but of what?
Anthony Woollard
Reflections from the Silk Route
Jean Mayland
Revelation - extracts from an email discussion
Paul Smith, David Morling, Paul Bagshaw

No. 31 - Oct 2008

Editorial: Until the harvest
Anthony Woollard
Once more with feeling
David Driscoll
Parsifal on ice
Mary Taylor
A savage text
Adrian Thatcher
General Synod of the Church of England - July 2008
a report by Tim Hind
General Synod - Update on women bishops
Jean Mayland
Lambeth Conference: talking shop or legislator?
Jonathan Clatworthy
'A Woman's Place...' Report on NW region day conference
Richard Martin
Do we speak the same language? A response
Jean Kerr