Do we speak the same language? - A response

by Jean Kerr
from Signs of the Times No. 31 - Oct 2008
[Response to Jonathan Clatworthy in Signs of the Times No. 30 - Jul 2008]

In the July edition of the Sign of the Times I found myself enjoying the editorial when I came upon the following:

"If, heaven forbid, a diocesan officer reads this and decides to send an evangelist to these meetings in order to make converts, the attempt will simply reinforce the hostility to Christianity."

Being one of those said diocesan officers and Warden of Evangelists in the Diocese of Rochester I thought I had better make comment.

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'A Woman's Place...' day conference - St Deiniol's Library 14th June 2008

Report by Richard Martin
from Signs of the Times No. 31 - Oct 2008
[North West regional conferences]

The theme of the day was 'A Woman's Place...', an exploration into the roles of women and men in society and the church.

Mary LeQuesne introduced the theme with an innovative and imaginative time of worship, which led us to the morning workshop. We were in the skilled hands of Hilary Cotton, Vice Chair of WATCH (Women And The Church), and we were exposed to the immense changes since 1950 in the lives of women in society. Independence, freedom, new opportunities, new status... but were these mirrored in the church? Is Christianity essentially patriarchal?

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Lambeth Conference - talking shop or legislator?

by Jonathan Clatworthy
from Signs of the Times No. 31 - Oct 2008

It was a new departure for the MCU to have a stall at the Lambeth Conference, and fascinating too. The number of stalls was double the original expectations and that meant putting up an extra marquee, where we sweltered in the hot weather.

One task was to meet the other stallholders, handing out our literature and receiving theirs. Then there were the folk from the press, and the stewards - some of them young Theology students interested in our work.

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General Synod: update on women bishops

by Jean Mayland
from Signs of the Times No. 31 - Oct 2008

In the last edition of 'Signs' I wrote about the coming debate in General Synod entitled 'When will they get it?' It is good to report that a sufficient number of General Synod did 'get it' for a favourable outcome to be reached - but only just!

The media have widely reported that the General Synod rejected a compromise and went with the liberals and the women. It did not. It accepted a compromise. WATCH did not want a Code of Practice. As stated last time we favoured separate pastoral arrangements to meet the needs of those opposed agreed in each Diocese where there is a woman bishop - a system which has worked extremely well in the USA. An amendment to this effect was moved by the Revd Miranda Threlfall-Holmes but was defeated in all three houses.

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General Synod of the Church of England - July 2008

by Tim Hind
from Signs of the Times No. 31 - Oct 2008

Friday 4th:

'The General Synod is heading for a weekend of debates which will help to shape the future of the Church.' This is how I started last year's report on the July Synod. No change there then.

Metropolitan John of Pergamon was invited to address Synod on the subject of Anglican-Orthodox Relations. This was followed by a debate on the singularly uninspiring 'Cyprus Agreed Statement of the International Commission for Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue 2006'. A group has been meeting on and off since 1973 and came up with the statement as a result of a renewed effort started in 1989. They have been trying to understand their differences for longer than our Lord was alive!

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