No. 40 - Jan 2011

Editorial: Counting the members, members who count
Anthony Woollard
A problem with physics?
Peter Mills
Graffiti is my religion: Evangelizing evanescence in Belfast, N Ireland
Mary Taylor
What do Christians believe about God?
Margaret Bradnum
Reply to The power of symbols
Graham Hellier
Puzzled by choice of St Hilda - Letter to The Church of England Newspaper, 19th November 2010
Mary Roe
NW Region conference report: The Gospel Infancy Narratives
Richard Martin
Open believing
Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 41 - Apr 2011

Editorial: Of making many books there is no end
Anthony Woollard
What is the Anglican Covenant for?
Jonathan Clatworthy
News from the Student Christian Movement
Hilary Topp
The Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality (CSCS)
Anthony Woollard
Review: Touching the Sacred by Chris Thorpe
Tim Stead
Letters to the editor
Brenda Watson, Jane Rolfe, Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 42 - Jul 2011

Editorial: Mind the gap
Anthony Woollard
The illusion of orthodoxy
Graham Hellier
What are we to do about weddings?
Jean Mayland
Review: At Heaven's Gate - Reflections on Leading Worship, by Richard Giles
Martin Gorick
Reading the Bible today - conference at Gladstone's Library
Joan Martin
Liberals are not afraid of change
Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 43 - Oct 2011

Editorial: Now it is our turn
Anthony Woollard
Donald Barnes - a tribute
Sally Barnes
Donald Barnes - a further tribute
Claire Wilson
Conference afterword
Adrian Thatcher
Reactions to the 2011 conference
Brenda Watson
An anthem for Modern Church
Mary Roe
Greenbelt 2011
Christine Alker and Jonathan Clatworthy
Review: Making Sense of God's Love, by Lorraine Kavanagh 
Mary Roe
Review: Making Sense of the Bible, by Helen-Ann Hartley
Alan Wolfe
Notice of another new book
Christmas: Ancient Meanings, Modern Faith by Adrian Alker