Graffiti is my religion: Evangelizing evanescence in Belfast, N Ireland

by Mary Taylor
from Signs of the Times No. 40 - Jan 2011

belfast graffitiAuthenticity in art is equivalent to truth in religion. Graffiti, which bears witness to evanescence, is perhaps the most authentic religion of our time.

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A problem with physics?

by Peter Mills
from Signs of the Times No. 40 - Jan 2011

The headline on the front page of The Times for 2 September 2010 could not have been clearer: "Hawking: God did not create Universe".

Immediately below the headline came the explanatory words, "The Big Bang was inevitable consequence of laws of physics, says Britain's most eminent scientist". Unsurprisingly, Professor Richards Dawkins wasted no time in expressing his enthusiastic support for Hawking. Equally swift was the Archbishop of Canterbury, who penned an abrupt rebuttal. After this initial flurry, comments have quietened a little, but almost certainly the argument initiated by "Britain's most eminent scientist" is going to run and run.

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Counting the members, members who count

Editorial by Anthony Woollard
from Signs of the Times No. 40 - Jan 2011

As a PCC treasurer and one who has somewhat inadvertently become a bit of a guru on church finance, I am very familiar with the following truth. There are three kinds of people, those who can count, and those who can't.

Seriously, there are of course far more than three kinds of people. In Modern Church alone there are many kinds, and this edition illustrates just a little of their variety.

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