by Dick Martin
from Signs of the Times No. 44 - Jan 2012
[NW region conferences]

26 people from the North West gathered to hear Prof. Paul Badham give an energetic exposition of the nature of the scriptures which are concerned with this vital subject.

Paul Badham had made it his specialist doctorate study, so he is an expert on the subject - and this showed from what he said.

He of course referred a great deal to scriptural verses, but also made many allusions to the early church fathers and to modern philosophers and theologians.

He was very much opposed to the idea of "'esuscitation' of bodies - whether our bodies or that of Jesus - but he emphasised very strongly the huge conviction of the early church that Jesus was alive. This (he said) was obvious from their willingness to die for their faith, from their keenness to persuade other people that Jesus had risen, and from the adoption of Sunday instead of Saturday as their sacred day.

He spent some time discussing near-death experiences, which seem to be better-attested than a few years back, and often very remarkable. Yet one felt that he was to some extent open-minded on this evidence.

We came away encouraged to think that we do not need to be ashamed to confess that we are believers in the resurrection - it is intellectually respectable to do so!